Takara Bio Europe S.A.S

Takara Bio Europe and Clontech Laboratories are members of the Takara Bio Group, a leading supplier of tools for life scientists worldwide. Through our brand names TAKARA and CLONTECH we develop innovative technologies in the fields of Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Glycobiology and Proteomics.

Takara Bio holds worldwide patents on Long and Accurate (LA) PCR, and has built a reputation for producing high-performance PCR reagents and kits, including Ex Taq™, LA Taq™, PrimeSTAR™ HS and SpeedSTAR™ HS DNA Polymerases. Takara Bio has also developed an extensive portfolio of Real-time PCR and RT-PCR kits for gene expression studies. Takara Bio's line of high-quality molecular biology reagents and kits includes restriction and modifying enzymes, kits for cloning and ligation of DNA, sequencing and mutagenesis, as well as high-efficiency gene transfer.

Clontech Laboratories, Inc. develops, manufactures and distributes a wide range of life science research reagents under the Clontech brand. Key products include high-performance qPCR and PCR reagents (the Titanium™, and Advantage® enzymes), RT enzymes, SMARTer™ PCR cloning and library construction systems, the innovative In-Fusion™ cloning system, Tet-based inducible gene expression systems, Lenti X™ gene delivery systems and Living Colors® Fluorescent Proteins.


Takara Bio Europe S.A.S

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