Celonic AG

 Mitarbeiter: 51-500

We are a CDMO offering clients more than development and manufacturing. In everything we do, we go one step beyond expectations, to help our customers attain their goals better, more efficiently and reliably. This is what we call Biopharma-Business-Excellence.
Everything we do or say about ourselves is driven by empathy, efficiency and excellence. Our empathy helps us better understand the needs and value chains of our customers. We offer efficiency through individually adapted interfaces from development to market production of biopharmaceutical substances enabled by our flexible and process driven structures.
Excellence comes with wanting to excell. This is what we want to be measured by - in everything we do. We cooperate with an international network and are part of a global operating company - the JRS Group. 

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Mitarbeiter: 51-500
Expansion: international

In unserem Unternehmen arbeiten Mitarbeiter in diesen Arbeitsgebieten:
Klinische Forschung, Consulting, Forschung & Entwicklung, Informationstechnik, Kommunikationstechnik, Laborleitung, Produktion, Produktspezialist, Projektmanagement, Qualitätsmanagement, Sonstige Tätigkeitsfelder, Technische Assistenz, Technischer Service & Kundenservice, Vertrieb, Wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in

In unserem Unternehmen arbeiten Mitarbeiter mit den folgenden fachlichen Qualifikationsprofilen:
Pharma, Biologie & Life Sciences, Chemie, Chemieingenieurwesen & Verfahrenstechnik, Biotechnologie, Pharmatechnik


Celonic AG

Eulerstrasse 55
4051 Basel

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